To apply for certification it is recommended any potential candidate completes this online self assessment. This will ensure he or she is adequately prepared for the certification requirements. Once the candidate is confident they meet requirements of the certification programme they can proceed to apply.

Please contact the programme administrator at to register your interest in becoming certified.

The application process requires you to have obtained the Massey University Intermediate and Advanced papers on Sustainable Nutrient Management.  You will need to have completed five nutrient management reports or the equivalent in the last two years, and at least one of those within the last six months. 


The certification assessment will be completed in the adviser’s workplace under the supervision of a manager or senior colleague.


We will invoice you for the $500 (plus GST) certification fee when we receive your completed application. Payment can be made via cheque or by direct credit to our bank account. Account information will be detailed on the invoice.


Certified Nutrient Management Advisers must complete annual continuing professional development to remain current.


Certified Advisers who go on an approved leave of absence from their position can retain their certification under the following leave provisions.



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