Welcome to the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme

The Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme has been established to certify nutrient management advisers in New Zealand.

The aim of the programme is to build and uphold a transparent set of industry standards for nutrient management advisers to meet, so that they provide nationally consistent advice of the highest standard to farmers.

In 2012, DairyNZ commissioned the Fertiliser Association to establish the programme as part of the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Primary Growth Partnership (PGP).

The programme was initially set up by an Advisory Group with pan sector representation which allowed the agricultural industry to speak with one voice regarding the qualifications and ongoing proficiency of those who advise on nutrient use and management in the farming community.

Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme Updates and Events

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  • CNMA
  • What is certification?
  • The Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme defines the standards for people to meet to provide certified nutrient management advice.
  • CNMA
  • How to become certified?
  • To apply for certification it is recommended an adviser completes the online self assessment to ensure he or she is adequately prepared for the certification requirements.
  • CNMA
  • Who is certified?
  • Check here to see which nutrient management advisers are certified and which advisers are working towards certification
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